Holiday 2022: Special Lifetime Package

A unique combination of features & services

Only offered for 7 days in 2022

Offer Ends November 30th 2022

What You Get

  • We're combining a subset of our usual AGENCY features and Professional Services into one unique package for the 2022 holiday.
  • Our goal is to offer a much lower price in a package that includes the most used Agency features along with the training and other services required to use them effectively.

Included Agency Features

Everything in our Basic & Pro plans plus:

  • Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Sites
  • 1 Administrator
  • Direct support for 8 Cloud Services: DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, UpCloud, Exoscale, Hetzner, AWS EC2, AWS Lightsail
  • "Bring Your Own Server" - use any cloud provider whose servers meet our simple requirements
  • Premium+ Support

Included Services

  • 8 Hours of 1-on-1 Consulting

Use our 1-on-1 consulting hours for training, server tuning, transferring sites and more. Note that this benefit must be used within 90 days  (so we don't have to carry the accounting liability on our books forever.)


Includes a special level of support for our lifetime customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does This Make Financial Sense For Me?

    If you're on the AGENCY plan this offer makes a lot of sense if you plan on running your business for at least 2 more years.  The Agency plan is $99 per month or approximately $1200 per year if paying monthly.  So, your payback period on the lifetime plan is approximately 20 months.  And that does not include the value of the professional service hours or any other feature that we would include in the Agency plan in the future.

  • What Agency Features Are Not Included?

    The following are the differences between our standard agency license and this offer:

    - This offer includes a license for one Administrator instead of three

    - 1 console instead of 5  (Think of a console as a separate FireupWP sub-account)

    - Does not include a free WPCloudDeploy plugin all-access level license

  • Is This Really A Lifetime Offer?

    Yes!  You get full access for as long as the service is available.  And you get a higher support priority than most users!

    If we add a software related feature to the Agency Level plan, it's yours. Most new software features go into the Agency plan!  

    We've added dozens of major software features over the last two years, most of which have ended up in the Agency plan.

    Other features such as services that we might add to the plan in the future are not automatically included (for obvious cost-related reasons)

    While we will try to include as many of the non-software features as we can, we can offer no guarantees here.

  • Will You Be Offering This Again?

    Not in this combination.  We have tried to limit our lifetime offers.  For example, we did not make an offer in 2021.

    Every time we have made a holiday offer we have reduced the benefits or increase the cost compared to the prior offers.

    This makes lifetime plans more valuable for early users.

    So, if you like this combination of features and services, it is best to purchase now.  This particular combination of features and services is unlikely to be offered again at this price level.

  • Is There A Refund Policy?

    Yes, our 30 day refund policy applies.  But, we really hope you allow us to address any issues you might encounter before using it.  Since we offer 1-on-1 walkthru's and such, there should be no issues in getting up and running and learning to use the platform.

    There is one exception to the refund policy.  If you purchase additional professional hours and use more than the eight hours included with this offer, the additional hours you used are not refundable.


One Time Cost: $ 1995

Please scroll down for purchasing instructions & purchase links

Purchase Instructions

When you proceed to the purchase page, you will be purchasing a subscription with a setup fee that matches the lifetime offer.  It will also create a subscription for $1.00 per month. Please do no be alarmed by that. After your purchase, a real live human on our staff will CANCEL that recurring transaction and set your account to a LIFETIME account.  


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