Holiday 2020: Discounted Lifetime Pricing Offer

Get our highest level package with unlimited everything, including all future features.

What You Get

In short, you get it all!

  • Agency Benefits

    All Agency Level software features including all providers, all agency add-ons and more.

      • Unlimited Servers
      • Unlimited Sites
      • 5 Administrators (greater than our standard Agency tier which is usually limited to 3)

    View All Agency Benefits On Our Standard Pricing Page

  • + Server Syncing (Usually an Enterprise level benefit)

  • + Alibaba ECS Provider (Also usually an Enterprise level benefit)

  • + All future Agency plan software features

    Yup, everything.  If it's in the Agency plan software, you'll get it.

Only With This offer

Certain benefits are only available with this offer!

  • 4 Hours Of 1-on-1 Consulting

    Use our 1-on-1 consulting hours for training, server tuning, transferring sites and more. Note that this benefit must be used within 90 days  (so we don't have to carry the accounting liability on our books forever.)

  • Discounted Pricing For Additional Professional Hours

    Need additional professional consulting hours?  Get 25% off all future purchased hours (available in blocks of 4 hours).

    Additional hours are available at even deeper discounted rates when you add them and checkout with this offer.  (You can view the deep discounted prices at the bottom of this page.)

  • Future Bulk Pricing At Providers

    We're working with cloud providers to see if we can get discounted rates for our customers.  The larger our customer base, the better the chances of improved pricing from at least one of them.  If we get it, this benefit will only be offered to our lifetime (and possibly our enterprise) users.

  • Lifetime License To The WPCloudDeploy Plugin

    This includes all current & future add-ons as well as all future updates.

    If you ever want to transition away from our service in favor of using your own server for the management panel, your lifetime license goes with you!  No other competitor's service can offer a similar option or benefit!  

    This is one of those benefits/options that, when you need it, you really really need it.  So it's nice to have the option already waiting in the wings.

    About The WPCloudDeploy Plugin

  • Premium+ Support

    We're creating a priority support level just for our lifetime users!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does This Make Financial Sense For Me?

    If you're on the AGENCY plan this offer makes a lot of sense if you plan on running your business for at least 2 more years.  The Agency plan is $99 per month or approximately $1200 per year if paying monthly.  So, your payback period on the lifetime plan is approximately 20 months.  And that does not include the value of the professional service hours or any other feature that we would include in the Agency plan in the future.

    If you're on the ENTERPRISE plan, this offer makes even more sense - if you do not believe you will need any of the future Enterprise specific benefits.  In this case your payback period will be a ridiculously short 3 months!  

  • Is This Really A Lifetime Offer?

    Yes!  You get full access for as long as the service is available.  And you get a higher support priority than most users!

    No, we're not going to create a new tier or level of features that you do not get access to.  We've been burned by 'lifetime' offers like that before and we just think that's a scammy thing to do.  

    If we add a feature to the Agency Level plan, it's yours. Most new features go into the Agency plan!  Better yet, since you also get the WPCloudDeploy plugin life time plan, you'll get access to ALL the current & future software features (even the Enterprise features) if you decide to run your own server.

    The only excluded item would be service packages.  We can't offer future service packages for free (for what, we hope, are obvious reasons.)

  • Will You Be Offering This Again?

    We don't like to say "never".  But our current intention is to not do it.  We're not generally a fan of lifetime offers.  But it's 2020 and strange things have happened this year.  So we figured if we were ever to try something different, this would be the year to do it.

    As you might expect, if we did these types of offers for too long and too often, the business would not be sustainable.

    If we do make a future similar offer, the price will be higher or the benefits will be less or vastly different.

    For now though, our intention is to not offer this again.  So it's best to assume that it's a one-shot deal!

  • Is There A Refund Policy?

    Yes, our 30 day refund policy applies.  But, we really hope you allow us to address any issues you might encounter before using it.  Since we offer 1-on-1 walkthru's and such, there should be no issues in getting up and running and learning to use the platform.

    There is one exception to the refund policy.  If you purchase additional professional hours and use more than the four hours included with this offer, the additional hours you used are not refundable.


Cost $ 1995

Additional Purchase Options

With 4 Additional Professional Hours: $2195 (Total 8 Professional Hours)

With 8 Additional Professional Hours: $2495 (Total 12 Professional Hours)

With 40 Additional Professional Hours: $4195 (Total 44 Professional Hours)

Please note that we are unable to add additional professional hours at these rates after your purchase! Include the hours now or never get this opportunity again.

Please scroll down for purchasing instructions & purchase links

Purchase Instructions

When you proceed to the purchase page, you will be purchasing a subscription with a setup fee that matches the lifetime offer.  It will also create a subscription for $1.00 per month. Please do no be alarmed by that. After your purchase a real live human on our staff will CANCEL that recurring transaction and set your account to a LIFETIME account.  

With 4 Additional Professional Hours - Total 8 Hours:

With 8 Additional Professional Hours - Total 12 Hours:

With 40 Additional Professional Hours - Total 44 Hours:


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