The Awesome Features

These are the major features you expect - don't forget that we add new features and improve existing ones periodically!

General Features

  • Easily deploy WordPress servers and sites to major cloud providers

    We offer INTEGRATED support for Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, UpCloud, Hetzner, Exoscale, Azure, AWS EC2 and AWS Lightsail.

  • Install multiple sites per server

    Deploy as many sites as a server can handle - all from an integrated dashboard.

    Multiple WordPress sites on a single server is not something that is easy to do - even on the major cloud providers such as AWS, Google, Microsoft and Digital Ocean.  Their default WordPress machine images generally only allow a single install.  That's because they're not WordPress specialists!  To deploy additional sites you need to drop to the command line and mess with web server, ssl and other configuration items. 

    With FireupWP you can deploy multiple WordPress sites to a single server that you own - without being forced to the command line.  Its quite easy!

  • Deploy a server with just a few clicks

    Just a few clicks will get you a new server, all ready for your WordPress sites.

  • Even less time to deploy a new site

    New sites can be added to a server in under five minutes.

  • Easy organization

    Group, tag and color-code servers and sites to help organize your data.  Add labels and notes to each server.  Search, sort and filter the server and site lists by key words and specific criteria.

  • Choice of Web Servers

    You can choose to deploy your sites on NGINX (most stable) or OpenLiteSpeed (getting more popular every day)

Site Features

  • Backup To AWS S3 (And S3 Compatible Services)

    Add your S3 keys and your sites will be backed up every day.  Or, start a manual backup any time.

  • Free SSL certificates (of course)

    In today's world you should expect free SSL certificates to protect your site.  We firmly believe you shouldn't even login to your site until it is protected with a certificate.

  • Caching

    WordPress does not perform well without multiple layers of caching.  So we give you options.  Or you can bring your own.  We include an NGINX based page cache and object caching using MEMCACHED or REDIS.

  • Multiple sFTP Users

    Don't you just HATE it when you have to share passwords?  With multiple sFTP users per site, you don't have to! You can even remove passwords for users and force the use of certificates for even more security. 

  • Performance Oriented Crons

    WordPress requires a scheduler to run properly.  Many actions happen in the background and, without a scheduler, they just get delayed.  But the built-in scheduler from WordPress can be resource intensive since it's called on every page load.  We include the option to run an alternative process to reduce this performance hit.  Turn it on if you have a lot of traffic.

  • '6G' or '7G' firewall

    With one click you can turn on a set of NGINX rules to filter out a boat load of bad traffic before it ever gets to your site.  Its called the '6g' firewall.  We didn't name it - you can view its features from the creators at perishable press.

  • Multiple PHP Versions

    Select from PHP Version 5.6, PHP 7.x or PHP 8.x versions.  Easily switch between them with just a couple of clicks.

Common Actions

  • Clone Site

    Use the CLONE SITE function to push a site to an alternate domain for testing and development.

  • Server-to-Server Tranfers

    Transfer sites between servers - even between servers from different cloud providers.

  • Change Domain

    Most WordPress hosts do the bare minimum necessary to change a WordPress domain.  But WordPress has a lot of nuances which require a lot of smarts in order for a change of domain to propagate properly.  We gave you options to handle this.

  • Disable A Site

    You might not realize it but something as simple as completely disabling a site isn't available with many hosts.  We're not quite sure what the reason is. But sometimes you just need to shut a site down without deleting the data.

  • Password Protect a Site

    And sometimes you need to work on a site without prying eyes watching your every move.  While you can use plugins and such to password a site, they are unpredictable. Why not let the web server do it for you?  So, we allow you to do that with Basic Authentication - a feature available in all modern web servers.

Usability Features

  • Sort and filter by key data

    When you have a lot of servers and sites, sometimes its hard to find exactly what you're looking for.  We make sure most of our columns can be sorted and filtered.   Most users might not need this but if you're a large shop, this stuff is a life saver.

  • One-click access from anywhere

    When browsing and editing site data, one-click links to the front-end and wp-admin area of your site is always available.  You'll be surprised at how much you use this feature and how much you miss it when you go back to other dashboards.

  • Color-coding, labelling, grouping

    Assign multiple color-coded categories with custom labels to each server and site.  Search and filter by them.

  • Multiple notes for servers and sites

    When you create and manage a lot of servers and sites, names along aren't enough.  You need notes.  All kinds of notes. 

Poweruser Features

  • Server Syncing

    Setup pairs of servers and automatically copy data from one to the other.  If a server goes down, just switch your DNS to point to the backup server.  Data is set to sync ever 60 minutes so at most you will lose an hour's worth of work.  This is an acceptable risk for most users when weighed against the astronomical costs involved with real-time syncing.

  • Data Transfer

    We store all your server and site meta data in custom post types.  Feel the need to get off our service?  Export the custom post types, import them to a new server and install the wpclouddeploy plugin.

  • Command and SSH Logs

    We provide detailed logs of every command we execute on the server and its results.  Nothing is hidden (well, except passwords - we try to scrub those from the logs).  Its a great way to get a feel for how the loosely coupled connection between our service and your server works.


  • phpMyAdmin

    Activate and use the popular phpMyAdmin tool to connect to and manage your database.  For security purposes we recommend that you turn this off when you're finished.

  • Tiny File Manager

    Optionally enable a file manager to manage files on your sites without using sFTP.

  • Server Ports

    Open additional server ports without any need to drop down to the command line.

  • PHP Options

    Add PHP options for php.ini without ever leaving the dashboard.


  • More

    The above list is just the major highlights.  We're constantly adding new functions so sign up today to see and experience all the features!

    Take a look at our Release Notes to see all the goodies we've added over the years - you'll get a pretty decent idea of the depth of functionality you gain with us.

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