Feature Release: 4.2.0

Welcome to FireupWP Release 4.2.0. We’re really happy to push this feature release out the door even just in time for Christmas! It’s getting to the end of a very weird year!

New: Power Tab On Servers

You can now restart your servers directly from a SERVER screen – you no longer need to go to your cloud providers’ panel to get this done.

New: Charts On The Statistics Tab

When you collect statistics on the server Statistics tab, the data is now shown in colorful charts by default:

You can switch back to a text view on each chart to view more detailed data.

New: Reset File Permissions Tool

Over time you might find that the file permissions become inconsistent in your WordPress folders for a particular site. This can happen most often when files are uploaded via sFTP by users with different permissions. You can now reset the permissions to their defaults with one click:

You will be able to access this option under a sites’ TOOLS tab.

Improved: Better Data On Digital Ocean Droplets

When deploying a new WordPress server, you will now see some additional pieces of information next to each droplet’s name:

  • Number of CPUs
  • RAM
  • Cost
  • Data Transfer Allowance

Before, you could infer this data from the name or look it up on the DigitalOcean website. Now it’s just easier to see at a glance right at that point where you need it.

Additionally, you will no longer see sizes that are unavailable.

Other Changes

  • We have increased the default php buffers for new sites.
  • We updated the list of WP versions to include the latest ones.
  • Updated BASH scripts using WP CLI to not load plugins when running most WP CLI commands.
  • Added code to inject the password for a new site directly into the DB since WP-CLI does not like certain characters in the password. The new way still does not accept all special characters but it’s better than before.
  • Added an option in the SETTINGS screen to remove the “local host” nag – sometimes that warning is just a false one (eg: server pilot will always report that the ip address of the site is a local host).
  • Added a warning when permalinks on the WPCD site is set to the default. We can’t use the default permalinks – it must be set to one of the other “pretty” permalink options.
  • Added a few reminders to the CHANGE DOMAIN screen.


  • When changing domains or cloning a site, we now revert the WP records to use ‘http’ if we’re unable to get an SSL certificate.
  • Prevent logging of sFTP credentials to the database log.
  • Fixed a conflict with WooCommerce – if WC was installed before WPCD, activating WPCD caused a WSOD.
  • We fixed an issue where we were not checking to see if a valid array or object was returned from a function call before using said object/array.

Version 4.1

We never wrote a blog post about this release because there were only a couple of new things in it. So we’re including those items here:

New: Choosing Languages

When WordPress is being installed, you can now select a language. Prior to this feature being implemented, the WP installation was always in US English – which meant that you had to wait until your first login to change the language for the site.

New: Automatic Updates

You now have the option of automatic updates directly from our servers. You can enable this by entering your license keys on the SETTINGS->LICENSE screen.

Unfortunately, to get this implemented we had to update every single add-on. So you’ll need to update those as well in order to get automatic updates for them in the future.

Minor Changes

  • Delete links are removed from Virtual Providers if the virtual provider is in use.
  • The title for virtual providers is now a required field.
  • If a provider is in use by a server, a warning is now shown in the settings screen – this should serve to warn the admin not to make changes that might break a server.


  • Use the function get_active_providers in place of get_providers in a number of places across all apps.
  • A few text strings were not wrapped in translation function calls.
  • When copying a site to another server, remove any app post records for that server that references that site. This prevents duplicate app records for the site that point to the same server.
  • Remove extra request for the mbstring php module when installing new servers.
  • Misc fixes to the 08-backup.sh bash script for removing orphaned backups and showing orphaned backups.
  • Various security related fixes.

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