Feature Release 4.10.x

You may or may not know that FireupWP is based on the WPCloudDeploy plugin.

This plugin sees updates just about every month and we don’t always publish a corresponding update here for you.

So, let’s play catchup and give you some of the highlights since we last published a list of new features (4.6).

We’re basically going to give you a compendium of all the new features between 4.7 and 4.10.x but we’ll link out to the gory detailed release notes at the end of this article.


  • Add support for provider-based snapshots for certain providers including DigitalOcean and Linode. You can see which ones we’ve completed on the WPCD roadmap here: https://trello.com/c/h1PQXc3R/51-create-server-snapshots-and-backups-using-cloud-provider-tools
  • Options to update plugins and themes on sites including under the bulk actions menu.
  • Add option to schedule a daily site sync to a destination server.
  • Allow downloads of additional server logs related to upgrades / unattended upgrades.
  • Give user the option to run server updates almost immediately by scheduling a one-off cron process to run updates within 1 minute of the user’s request.
  • Add option to install callbacks from the server list BULK ACTIONS drop-down.
  • Add option to soft reboot servers from the server list BULK ACTIONS drop-down.
  • Add option to remove the Malware Scanner Metas.


  • Show the number of non-security updates in the health column on server list screen.
  • Add bulk options to pending log list to change state.
  • Copy a site to another site, overwriting it. Provides the basis for staging sites in the way most devs expect them to work.
  • Nightly callbacks now push the number of themes and plugin updates pending for each site. This requires you to remove your existing callbacks and reinstall them.
  • Add count of notes to server and app list.

Full Change Logs

You can find the full WPCloudDeploy change logs here: https://wpclouddeploy.com/category/release-notes/

Not all new and enhanced features make it into FireupWP – those that don’t make it in are generally not appropriate for an SaaS service.

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