Release Notes


Feature Release 2.4.0

Here’s the roundup of features, fixes and changes for the first half of June 2020: Major New Feature: Teams The biggest new feature for this release is TEAMS. With teams, you can lock down access to specific servers and sites to designated individuals. You can learn more about teams in the WPCloud Deploy plugin documentation.…


Feature Release 2.3.0

Heading into the end of May we’ve got another feature release for you. New: Notes for API Keys and SSH Keys When you’re managing a lot of servers across a multitude of providers you might need to keep notes on api keys and ssh keys. Instead of keeping those notes separate from WPCD, we’re now…


Feature Release 2.2.0

Welcome to release 2.2.0. Here’s what’s new and improved as we head into the start of May 2020. Site Links in APP List A lot of times we’re perusing a long list of sites and we just want to quickly navigate to the wp-admin or front-end area of the site. We’ve made that order of…