No Lock-in! Your Server and Site Data Is Portable!

The power of WordPress makes it so!

Data In Custom Post Types

All your server and site data are stored in WordPress custom post types - a format you're probably very familiar with!

Export Your Data

Use the standard WordPress EXPORT function to export your server and app custom post type data.  Data is available in XML format for use by any other application.

Never Lose Your Server Links

When you move away from other services that provide WordPress dashboards, your server link is severed and you have to re-establish those links manually some place else.

With FireupWP, you get your data in a portable format to take with you.  This makes it easy to re-establish those links some place else.

Import Your Data Into A Private Dashboard

Because we utilize the plugin architecture of WordPress to build this control panel, you can use the same tools to build your own private dashboard!

The WPCloud Deploy Plugin

FireupWP is built on a plugin called WPCloud Deploy.  It forms the heart of this dashboard.  You can install it onto any WordPress server, import your custom post type data and you'll have your servers and sites in the same screens you see on our service.

Breaking Up  Is Easy To Do

Sometimes a relationship just doesn't work out.  That's ok, we're not going to be offended if you leave.  Just know that we're here for you and your data is free to migrate any place else!

Get Started For Just $19.99

5 servers and 25 sites are included in the basic plan - plenty for you to run a small business!