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Feature Release 4.0.0

Our October 2020 release is our biggest one yet. It includes support for some of our most commonly requested features – starting with Custom Servers. New: Custom Servers (Bring Your Own Server) At the top of the list of new functionality is the ability to use Ubuntu servers from any cloud provider as well as…


Feature Release 2.7.0

We spent most of July pushing small updates – many of which were not quite obvious. For the most part we were nipping and tucking and polishing existing features and not focusing too much on new features. We do have a few new things in there though… New: Delete A Site & Backups In the…


Performance Profile:

We recently transferred over a resource-intensive site to the FireupWP stack and figured we would run a simple brute-force performance test. We wanted to to see at what level of traffic we could make the site fail. The site itself has 16,000+ registered users and quite a number of heavy duty plugins for things such…


Feature Release 2.6.0

The FireupWP July update is here with a couple of new features. And, of course, tweaks and fixes to existing features. New: Custom links to servers and sites With this new feature, you can create custom clickable links that show up in the server or app list. You can create links that, for example, connect…


WordPress Server Management Made Easy

We just pushed a new release of FireupWP to production – our 3rd release in six weeks. We’ve been on a 2-4 week release cadence for the last few months. So, with the vast amount of changes we’ve introduced we figured we’d re-introduce users to how easy it is to manage WordPress servers on our…


Feature Release 2.5.0

Going into the second half of June 2020, we’ve got more goodies for you. With this feature release we’ve included user interface goodies as well as core server enhancements. Here are all the new features you can take advantage of right away. New: Backup All Sites On A Server We’ve always offered the ability to…


Feature Release 2.4.0

Here’s the roundup of features, fixes and changes for the first half of June 2020: Major New Feature: Teams The biggest new feature for this release is TEAMS. With teams, you can lock down access to specific servers and sites to designated individuals. You can learn more about teams in the WPCloud Deploy plugin documentation.…


A Beginner’s Guide To Creating and Running WordPress Servers

Deploying your own WordPress server is easy – a whole lot easier than you might think. However, it is very common for users to fear going down this road despite the numerous advantages that it offers. So, in this article we will discuss why you might want to run your own servers, the types of tools that are available to make it easy and then do a full walk through of how to deploy a new server and new WP site with our tools.


8 Best-Practices For Sites Built On FireupWP

So, you’ve created your first server and fired up your first site. But, as with any other profession, there are certain “best practices” – things you can do to make sure that your site is running optimally. You can read about these suggestions over at the WPcloud Deploy website (they’re the publishers of the core…


Feature Release 2.3.0

Heading into the end of May we’ve got another feature release for you. New: Notes for API Keys and SSH Keys When you’re managing a lot of servers across a multitude of providers you might need to keep notes on api keys and ssh keys. Instead of keeping those notes separate from WPCD, we’re now…