WordPress Server Management Made Easy

Deploy & Manage Your Own High-Performance WordPress Servers

  • Immediate performance improvements.
  • Lower your costs by 50% or more.
  • Reduce your dependence on the unreliable technical support from normal hosting providers.
  • Learn new marketable skills.
  • Familiar wp-admin interface - no command line necessary.

• Faster • Cheaper • More Secure • Familiar UI

100% Built On WordPress • 100% Open Source

Your Servers = Lower Costs

Extract MAJOR cost savings for yourself and your customers by easily deploying your own servers.  We make it EASY!

Integrated Dashboard

Spin up your own servers.  Deploy multiple sites on each server.  Install SSL certificates. And more. All from within a familiar wp-admin dashboard!


Multiple Server Providers

Everyone can deploy multiple servers at Digital Ocean for free.  Upgrade to PRO to deploy servers at Linode and Vultr.  Need to deploy at the really big boys?  Upgrade to Enterprise and get access to AWS EC2 and AWS Lightsail.  We even offer direct connections to smaller providers such as Exoscale, Hetzner and Upcloud.

Get Started For Just $19.99

Yes, under twenty bucks!.  And it comes with generous allowances that meet the needs of most small businesses.

Included Core Features

Server provider(s): Digital Ocean • Standard WordPress Sites • Free SSL certificates issued and automatically renewed via LetsEncrypt • Root access • Multiple Sftp users per site • Backup and restore to your S3 bucket • WP-CLI • phpMyAdmin • Clone and Duplicate Sites • NGINX page caching • High Performance Crons • Multiple Levels of Firewalls • Malware Scans. Much much more.


Generous Allowances

Manage 5 servers of any size and up to 25 sites on Digital Ocean. Its perfect for the solo entrepreneur.

Familiar Technology

Servers built on a familar LEMP stack: Linux, Nginx, MariaDB and PHP 7.


No custom software means that you know EXACTLY what is running in your server.  LEMP is a proven, solid, reliable technology stack.

Need help implementing additional features?  All Linux admins know and understand LEMP.  You'll never be left hanging!

Extended Stack

On top of LEMP we add additional optional utilities: phpMyAdmin, MemCached and Redis.

Features Not Found Anywhere Else

Your admin panel is a WordPress dashboard.  This means you get all the WP goodies you know and love.


Enterprise plans include ACF to help you add fields to your server and app records.  Want to run a helpdesk?  We'll add the Awesome Support helpdesk plugin to your account upon request.  Need a discussion forum for your customers?  We'll add that too upon request!


Special Requests

Want to add a well-known plugin to your dashboard to help manage your servers and sites?  Let us know and we'll likely be able to add it if it does not present a security risk.

Get Started For Just $19.99

5 servers and 25 sites are included in the basic plan - plenty for you to run a small business!


Why should I run my own servers?

Three reasons:

  1. It is far more secure
  2. It is cheaper
  3. It is more flexible
  4. You get access to far more features and options

And, oh, yes - its easy.  Much easier than you might think!

How easy is it to run my own server?

Its far easier than you might think.  Our service is based on the WPCloudDeploy plugin.  This makes it easy for you by giving you a familiar graphical interface inside a WordPress dashboard.  

The software stack needed to run a WordPress server is stable, well known and understood by a large number of Linux and WordPress administrators. 

And, with the large market-share that WordPress commands, every vendor tests their updates on WordPress before a release.  So you know the server stack is always stable for running WordPress.

And, if you run into issues our support team has your back.

But, if you are a beginner and/or would like extra hand-holding we have a BEGINNER+ pricing option that includes upgraded support and training services.  Check it out on our pricing page.

Do I have to pay for the servers at my cloud provider (eg: Digital Ocean)?

Yes, when you deploy a server at your cloud provider (eg: Digital Ocean), you incur charges for that server.  It is billed directly to your account at the provider.  You connect your server provider to our service using API keys that your server provider assigns to your account.

How is this better than a WordPress host?

Dedicated WordPress hosts are EXPENSIVE.  For the cost of a SINGLE SITE at WP Engine on their cheapest plan ($25.00 USD per month), you can:

  1. Deploy multiple dedicated VPS (virtual private server) at Digital Ocean
  2. Install multiple sites on each server and
  3. Still have money left over.

Don't forget - you will be able to install multiple sites on each of your servers while you will only get ONE site at WP Engine!

The same cost comparison goes for just about any other host such as Kinsta, Pagely etc.

What are the disadvantages of using this service?

Ok, so here's the deal.  When you use this service you are effectively managing your own server.  If something breaks on your server, you are ultimately responsible for getting it fixed.  

But that doesn't mean you are on your own!

Obviously we provide technical support.  We support the service and anything that the service installs on your server.

But if you do a lot of messing around with your server on the command line and install stuff outside of our service there might be times we will not be able to help you.  So we suggest that you check with us before you do something outside your dashboard so that we can let you know if it will be a problem for us to support.  

(Just note that this is also a limitation of support with any other WordPress management panel such as SpinupWP, CloudWays and GridPane.)

Overall, you really shouldn't have anything to fear here.  Because we choose to be conservative with our stack, if you really really really need to hire someone other than us to fix an issue with something custom on your server, there are thousands of technicians who are familiar with the LEMP stack that we use.  This mean that it will likely be relatively cheap for fixes and customizations and you'll still save money over time.

Who should not purchase this service?

If you're new to deploying WordPress or this is your first year of working with WordPress, this is probably not the place to get started! 

This service is most useful to folks who have been working with WordPress for a while and/or who have multiple sites being deployed to multiple servers - either for their own use or their clients' use.

When you contact us for support we expect that you will know what wp-config.php is, how to use sFTP to view your files and how to use ssh to log into your server console.  We'll walk you through these processes if you ask of course but when we initially respond to a request for help we will automatically assume that you have these skills unless you tell us otherwise.

Note that most WordPress admins have usually picked up these skills after a year or so of working with WordPress before using our service. So for most users it's generally not a big deal and, like we mentioned earlier, we're happy to walk you through these steps if necessary.

The Beginner+ Program

If you are a beginner and/or would like extra hand-holding we have a BEGINNER+ pricing option that includes upgraded support and training services.  Check it out on our pricing page.

How fast are your WordPress sites?

Our sites are plenty fast but not cutting-edge fast.  And there's a reason for that!

You should be very very wary of services that offer "cutting edge" or "bleeding edge" speed.  Its very hard to be on the bleeding edge of technology and have stability as well. 

As you might suspect already, we err on the side of stability!  We'll sacrifice a little speed in order to ensure more stability.

For stability, our sites use a well known technology stack that most admins will recognize:

  • Nginix
  • PHP 7.x
  • Maria DB
  • Optional Redis or Memcached

We do not try to deploy bleeding edge technology so you will not find anything unexpected in our stack.  We don't want you to be on the hook for stuff that no one else understands!

For 95+% of the sites that admins deploy, this stack works well, is familiar and is more than fast enough.

But, if you do need things like real-time load balancing and scalability, we have you covered with our sister company's AWS product - Fault Tolerant WP Scripts for AWS.

Who takes care of server updates?

Most cloud providers automatically install security updates for you.  For those that don't, we provide the the option of activating a CRON process that will automatically install security updates.

Are there any limits to the size of servers we can use?

No, you can provision any size server that is available at your cloud provider.

How does this compare to cPanel, Plesk, VestaCP and similar products?

cPanel, Plesk, VestaCP and similar products are general purpose tools designed to install more than one product on a server.  If you're focused only on WordPress they can be overkill.  But if you plan on running email servers and multiple other product stacks on your Linux server then they are the way to go.  

We are firmly focused on WordPress and things related to WordPress.  We aren't going to install a RubyOnRails or Node.JS stack since they have nothing to do with WordPress.

If you are looking for a WordPress focused management panel - that's us.  If you need more than that then those other tools will likely fit the bill.

The Beginner Plus Program

If you're thinking about running your own servers but need a little extra hand-holding, check out our Beginner Plus program.  It provides an extra level of support & training as you learn the ropes.  View more details on our PRICING page.