WordPress Server Management Made Easy

Deploy & Manage Your Own High-Performance WordPress Servers

  • Immediate performance improvements.
  • Lower your costs by 50% or more.
  • Reduce your dependence on the unreliable technical support from normal hosting providers.
  • Learn new marketable skills.
  • Familiar wp-admin interface - no command line necessary.

• Faster • Cheaper • More Secure • Familiar UI

100% Built On WordPress • 100% Open Source

Your Servers = Lower Costs

Extract MAJOR cost savings for yourself and your customers by easily deploying your own servers.  We make it EASY!

Integrated Dashboard

Deploy your own servers.  Create multiple sites on each server.  Install SSL certificates. And more. All from within a familiar wp-admin dashboard!


Multiple Server Providers

Everyone can deploy multiple servers at Digital Ocean for free.  Upgrade to PRO to deploy servers at Linode and Vultr.  Need to deploy at the really big boys?  Upgrade to Enterprise and get access to AWS EC2, AWS Lightsail, Azure & Google Cloud.  We even offer direct connections to smaller providers such as Exoscale, Hetzner and Upcloud.

Get Started For Just $19.99

Yes, under twenty bucks!.  And it comes with generous allowances that meet the needs of most small businesses.

Included Core Features

Server provider(s): Digital Ocean • Standard WordPress Sites • Free SSL certificates issued and automatically renewed via LetsEncrypt • Root access • Multiple Sftp users per site • Backup and restore to your S3 bucket • WP-CLI • phpMyAdmin • Clone and Duplicate Sites • NGINX page caching • High Performance Crons • Multiple Levels of Firewalls • Malware Scans • Theme & Plugin Updates • Bulk Operations on Servers & Sites • Much much more.


Generous Allowances

Manage 5 servers of any size and up to 25 sites on Digital Ocean. Its perfect for the solo entrepreneur.

Familiar Technology

Servers built on a familiar LEMP stack: Linux, Nginx, MariaDB and PHP.


No custom software means that you know EXACTLY what is running in your server.  LEMP is a proven, solid, reliable technology stack.

Need help implementing additional features?  All Linux admins know and understand LEMP.  You'll never be left hanging!

Extended Stack

On top of LEMP we add additional optional utilities: phpMyAdmin, Tiny File Manager, MemCached, Redis & More.

OpenLiteSpeed Available

The OpenLiteSpeed web server is a popular alternative to NGINX and is available as an option in FireupWP.

Features Not Found Anywhere Else

Your admin panel is a WordPress dashboard.  This means you get all the WP goodies you know and love.

Bulk Operations

Update and send management commands to multiple servers and sites simultaneously.  We're the only WordPress-focused dashboard that even offer theme and plugin updates.



Enterprise plans include ACF to help you add fields to your server and app records.  Want to run a helpdesk?  We'll add the Awesome Support helpdesk plugin to your account upon request.  Need a discussion forum for your customers?  We'll add that too upon request!


Special Requests

Want to add a well-known plugin to your dashboard to help manage your servers and sites?  Let us know and we'll likely be able to add it if it does not present a security risk.

Get Started For Just $19.99

5 servers and 25 sites are included in the basic plan - plenty for you to run a small business!


The Beginner Plus Program

If you're thinking about running your own servers but need a little extra hand-holding, check out our Beginner Plus program.  It provides an extra level of support & training as you learn the ropes.  View more details on our PRICING page.